04-Apr-2018 10:28

“A smile is the most beautiful curve of a woman’s body”- A simple yet complete line within itself. Women are undoubtedly the backbone of our society, no matter if they are contributing inside or outside their homes. They can be sometimes the most soft hearted person in the house and also the warriors the other time. It takes immense love & dedication for women to take care of their loved ones while preparing food, getting the other household works done, managing the house, and keeping everyone happy & healthy at the same time. One can only repay them by giving them a comfortable environment where they can grow efficiently with a pace.

There are various other significant ways to let women do what they want to do. It is vital for a family as well as the society that a woman works and earns. An independent woman serves the most towards the development of the society. Helping them fight this gender inequality that we have in our societies across the world, is itself a progressive way of contributing in the women’s growth.  It is important to let our women empowered and enjoy or control or benefitted by the available resources, assets, and their time. Women must get the desired opportunities to improve their economic status & well being.

Encouraging our women to taking participation in the arenas of the society, be it political participation, workplace, household or schools, giving them the free to make choices of their own, plays a huge role in the empowerment of women. 

A happy woman means a happy family. Educated women can get better jobs, let them enjoy the freedom to engage in public debates, and ask the government for better healthcare and social security. It also needs to be understood by all sections of the society that educating women can make them able to increase their levels of health and nutrition and also helps lower down the fertility rates that is crucial for the current world. 

JJ Institute of Medical Sciences supports this initiative of putting women ahead, making them empowered. We endeavor to offer quality medical services to all sections of society, especially making women to take their health as a major concern for a productive and happy life ahead.
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