Advanced Operation Room


Technologically Advanced Modular Operating Rooms

JJIMS invests in the latest proven medical equipment and facilities to keep the hospital's key Centers of Excellence for surgery in line with worldwide advances, and giving specialists the tools to offer patients progressive, evidence-based minimally-invasive treatment options.

The Operating Theatre Department has 5 operating suites with some of the most advanced, integrated surgical systems available.

The key Centres of Excellence for surgery include general, Obstetric, plastic ,Eye and ENT surgery, cardiac surgery and cath Lab, Neuro, spinal and orthopedics surgery. The department features latest Modular OTs equipped with specialized equipment such as Surgical Microscopes, Latest Anesthesia Machines, High Lumen Shadow Less Low Temp OT Lights, Mobile Image Intensifiers ( C-Arm) And Latest High End OT Tables.

The most recent surgical techniques are employed, with priority given, whenever possible, to minimally-invasive surgery (laparoscopic , which reduces postoperative complications, and ambulatory (DAY CARE) surgery, which enables patients to return home the same day.

The quality and safety of the care provided are continually evaluated as part of internal and external audit procedures.

OR are equipped with latest high intensity image transmission from OR to conference hall through digital cameras when teaching program is in progress.

Key features-

  • Floor-Concerned about delivering hygiene and disinfection solutions, our OR floors have stain resistant surface treatments enabling easy cleaning and guaranteed hygiene. It is antistatic , conductive, anti skid and bacteria resistant )
  • Control Panel - The control panel of our Ors are the brain of the theatre. It is configured to incorporate all the services that theatre staff require such as:
  • X-Ray viewing screens, Timing devices, Environmental monitoring equipment, Medical gas equipment, Communication and data points, Electrical supplies and electronic controls.
  • All services are located at one delivery point. The fascia is made up by selecting from the four standard graphic sets. Each tile consists of a digitally generated control centre, complete with touch sensitive buttons, indicators and user defined text, which can be provided in a variety of languages and colours.
  • Lights- Our ORs are fitted with both Single and double dome LED lighting system with Light intensity up to 250000Lux, Color Temperature : 4300 - 4500K, Multi reflector to provides shadow less light at all levels. The light head is constructed as to provide optimum conditions for Laminar Flow and Light field adjustments can be done by sterile able handle.
  • Doors are hermetically sealed sliding doors To maintain sterility and the correct air pressure in the room
  • Ceiling Mounted laminar flow (Planair) system- The ceiling mounted laminar flow system of our ORs are designed to ensure unidirectional distribution of sterile air with differential flow velocities decreasing from center to perimeter of the surgical theatre to ensure the cleanliness of all the area covered by the airflow. The ceiling system are equipped with HEPA filters with different performances according to their position in the ceiling to achieve different flow velocities.
  • Pressure relief dampers are provided in each Operating room to prevent contamination of air from clean and dirty areas. Suitably sized air pressure relief damper are strategically placed, enabling differential room pressure to be maintained and ensure that when doors are opened between clean and dirty areas, no air flows from dirty are to sterile area.
  • Scrub Stations- Our scrub stations have been designed to ensure that surgeons and staff can undergo a thorough aseptic scrub, whether using the count-stroke or timed scrub methods. Each fixture is fabricated from heavy gauge, type 304, stainless steel and is a seamless welded construction polished to a satin finish. The Scrub Sink is provided with a front access panel having a sloping bottom surface to minimize splashing. Hands Free Operation includes infrared sensor with a built-in range of adjustment. A thermostatically controlled mixing valve automatically maintains water temperature, not to exceed 115℉ (46℃). This easily adjustable, anti-scald valve will automatically shut off if the hot or cold water supply fails.