social and preventive medicine

social and preventive medicine

At the JJIMS we believe in the importance of preventive medicine to help you stay in the best of health throughout your life. Some medical conditions are not obvious to the untrained eye so early detection can make all the difference. With regular health screening and proper medical advice, diseases can be averted and medical conditions can be better managed.

We designed a range of health screening packages that enable early detection of common chronic illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, hypertension and diabetes, and many others.

Our team of dedicated healthcare professionals will work closely with you to help you better understand your screening results and health condition and to make adjustments to your lifestyle, where necessary. We provide our patients with the relevant knowledge to add many healthy years to their lives!

  • Early detection

  • Your assessment will include a review of all relevant information; evaluation of preexisting and past medical problems, treatments, family history, social habits, travel history, disease risks and past advice.
  • All tests are quality controlled and reviewed to ensure up to date testing and accurate results.
  • Your report may also include relevant referrals to specialists or further investigations or treatment if these are indicated.
  • Better understanding

  • Our staff will introduce your chosen executive health screening programme to you:
  • - We will explain the different elements of the screening programme.
  • - We will explain the purpose of the different investigations and examinations that you will undergo.
  • - We will ensure that you are briefed on the duration and preparation needed for specific examinations.
  • Your health profile will be analysed and reported in detail with all relevant findings and health facts.
  • Lifestyle recommendations will be made tailored to your personal condition.
  • Your report will be sent to you within 02 working days. For results of some special test we may need upto 7 days.
  • You are entitled to a follow up consultation with an Executive Health Screening Doctor.
  • We use the latest medical equipment, set amidst well-appointed décor with a pleasant ambience. There is also access to the internet at all locations for individuals and executives to stay connected. Screening consultations in the hospital are conducted in separate area earmarked for the same with breakfast or lunch served.

Individual clients

Individuals looking for managed wellness can make appointments directly with the health assessment facility of choice. Please click here for details of the different health assessment programmes offered at the hospital

Insurance companies

JJIMS works with many insurance companies to customize health assessment and pre-insurance check programmes to enable respective insurance clients with unique healthcare needs to fully enjoy the insurance coverage. For bespoke arrangements, please contact our Business Development team for details.

Corporate clients

A Corporate Relations Development team works with corporate clients to draw up results-oriented health and wellness programmes that meet specific corporate priorities and budgets. To get an idea of the screening tests available for further customisation, please refer to the different standard packages on offer . Please contact the Corporate Development team to find out more about our standard or tailor-made wellness programmes.