Accident And Emergency

Accident And Emergency

In case of an emergency If you need ambulance service, call +91-7056100100

The A&E Department of JJIMS attends to your emergencies and accident the moment you wheel in . It is managed and run by a full-time dedicated trauma specialists who have been trained in emergency care, backed up by facilities that can put you in safest of hands.

This department is functional 24-hours should you require medical attention in emergency. There is always a Nurse Manager and Resident Medical Officer(s) on duty around the clock. It is located on the ground floor of the main hospital building, immediately adjacent to main entrance.

  • Our A&E department has:

  • Triage area
  • Private DOCTOR ROOM
  • Observation area
  • Resuscitation area
  • Orthopedic Procedure Room AND Minor operating theatre (OT)
  • Portable X-ray Facility
  • 24-hour Outpatient Clinic
  • 24-hour Specialists on Call
  • 24-hour Pharmacy, Imaging& Laboratory Services
  • Comprehensive Blood Examinations
  • Spacious waiting area
  • Adjacent pharmacy