Orthopedics, Spine And Joints

Orthopedics, Spine And Joints

At JJIMS, we deal with all kinds of orthopedic treatment, trauma management, rehabilitation and disability services.

Our highly specialized doctors are experienced in trauma and elective orthopedic operations including fracture management, joint replacement, ligament reconstruction, foot and ankle surgeries. Our Orthopedic department provides care for patients with bone, joint, muscle and associated musculoskeletal injuries, from diagnosis through to surgery and other treatment modalities including rehabilitation.

The orthopedic services offered at our hospital include:

  • Knee and hip joint replacement surgery, including primary and revision joint replacement, reconstruction with metal or bone graft augmentation.
  • Arthroscopic surgery for knee, shoulder, ankle and hip joints.
  • Sports injuries management and ligament reconstruction surgery for knee, shoulder and ankle joints , ACL reconstruction and tight-rope augmentation for knee and shoulder joint injuries.
  • Foot and ankle corrective surgeries for different foot and toe deformities including Hallux Valgus surgery.
  • Pediatric and adult trauma management, manipulations, open reduction and internal fixation using alternative metal work.
  • Sports injuries management.
  • Cartilage repair surgery.
  • Joint arthritis management and joint injections.

Our highly experienced orthopedic surgeons also sub-specialize in particular areas to ensure patients have access to the best possible levels of expertise.