All You Need To Know About Plastic Surgeries

16-Apr-2018 10:10

Beauty, it  is being the best possible version of yourself on both inside and outside. And, when it comes to beautify your outer looks, the first thing that comes to your mind will definitely be the plastic surgery. However, before you go for it learn about plastic surgery. Here is quick guide that will help you to understand all about plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is a surgical process that involves the restoration or rebuilding of the human body or its tissues. With this medical process you can achieve flat stomach, improved facial looks, uplifted arms, redefined breast size or whatever you want to allure your looks. 

It can be broadly classified into two categories:

  • The first one is reconstructive surgery. It includes craniofacial surgery, microsurgery, and the treatment of burns. It aims at reconstruction of a body part so as to improve its functioning.

  • Second one is cosmetic surgery (also referred as aesthetic surgery). Unlike reconstructive surgery, it aims at improving the appearance of a part of body.

Plastic surgery is always a good option for suffering  patients due to its various advantages:

  • Unlike other  surgeries, plastic surgeries are not as painful as thought to be.

  • Plastic surgeries not only serve for aesthetic purposes but they also help in correcting the health tissues.

  • Results of such surgeries are always permanent.

At JJ Institute Of Medical Sciences, we offer the facility of plastic surgeries with a right blend of expertise and care. Our highly qualified team of doctors works with proficiency and compassion. We are dedicated to deliver the best result and experience for the patients.

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