Calm Your Pre-Surgery Anxiety

19-Apr-2018 10:19

No matter what age group you belong to, or what type of surgery is going to be performed, or to which part of the body it is going to performed, surgery has always been a matter of concern, anxiety, stress and nervousness. Certainly, if you are going to encounter any surgical procedure in the near future then, you must be frightened, stressed and nervous. Your nights must be going sleepless. However, there’s nothing to be afraid of. By following few simple steps you can get ready for a successful operation.

We are sharing a quick pre-operation guide so that you can ease your mind and feel relaxed.  

  • Follow the pre-surgery instructions: Your doctor must have provided a set of instructions that need to be followed before the surgical procedure. This may include controlling the blood pressure and sugar levels and maintaining the weight. Following these instructions will increase the surety of good outcomes. This increased certainty will lead to decreased mental stress.

  • Avoid smoking: Researches show that smoking leads to increased anxiety and stress level. Not only it is bad for your stress levels, it also decelerates the post-surgery healing process. So it’s quite necessary that you quit smoking before your operation.

  • Look for some physical and mental exercises: Yoga, meditation, massage like therapies work most efficiently in reducing the stress levels.

  • Talk to your surgeon: If you have any query related to the surgical procedure that’s making you feel uncomfortable, discuss it with your surgeon. By clearing your doubts he/ she can surely ease your mind.

Just remember, that while your surgeon's skill is an important factor in determining the rate of successful injury, your own attitude is also equally important. Just follow the above steps, keep yourself calm and get prepared for the surgery.

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