Physiotherapy- Movement For Wellness

16-Apr-2018 10:13

Have you noticed that nowadays more and more physiotherapy and wellness centres are being inaugurated in and around the city? Probably the reason for this may be the significance of physiotherapy. A few decades ago, physiotherapy was not of such great importance. Even the doctors didn’t pay much heed to its significance. However, now physiotherapy is gaining much fame as it is being considered as the universal treatment for various impairments, mobility issues and disabilities. It has been proved as the most effective method for rehabilitation and injury prevention.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a branch of medical science which deals with the  movement of body parts.It is a process in which uses mechanical force and movements manual therapy, exercise therapy and electrotherapy to restore, maintain or maximize one’s physical strength. Thus, it remediates impairment of tissues and hence encourages mobility.

Techniques in physiotherapy

Physiotherapy deals with several techniques in order to restore normal body functions. Some of them are:

  • Hands-on technique: In this technique, hands are used to provide massage to smoothen the strained muscles. This approach works best in improving the blood circulation, relieving aches and draining excess fluid from body parts

  • Hydrotherapy: Physiotherapy when carried out in water, is termed as hydrotherapy. All exercises are carried out in warm water in a special hydrotherapy bath. The resistance of water to your movement brings out effective outcomes.

  • Use of energy: Physiotherapy sometimes also uses energy waves like pain-free electrical impulses. This type of physiotherapy is termed as electrotherapy. It has various sub-branches -  TENS, Laser Therapy, Ultrasound And Shortwave Diathermy.

  • Use of drugs: In order to relieve muscles from the strain, drugs can also be used sometimes during the procedure. It helps in easy and fast relaxation of the muscles.

Physiotherapy is the science which takes the holistic approach that works for the betterment of one's general well being and thus improves the quality of life.

So next time, your doctor asks you to visit a physiotherapist, don’t refrain. Just go to a physiotherapist and get an appropriate treatment.

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